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  1. TheMisterEpic

    OG SMP spawn artwork

    pretty cool so far!
  2. TheMisterEpic

    Challengers – Beta Release

    Challengers – Beta Release Hey everyone, after a long wait we finally have challengers ready! A 5v5 gamemode for competitive and casual players, with a range of different classes and abilities. Right now, the gamemode is in beta as there is a range of abilities and features which need testing...
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    The Guild Event

    Hello everyone! If you didn't already know, there is currently a guild PvP event going on - on the SMP! The Event: Heres how it works, oh and to participate you have to be part of a guild. For 1 week, each guilds kills will be tracked, and this saturday (for US players) the guild with the most...
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    The "Tree" Experiment.

    So, thought I'd do a proper post about the so called tree experiment for those who are still confused, or those who are just stumbling across it. Also, we have a new command now, so read on to see whats up. How It Works: Basically, for every view this video gets, 1 block is placed in a "tree"...
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    The Long Awaited OG:SMP Is Finally Here! - Releasing RIGHT NOW (11:30 am EST)

    Yes you read the title right, the long awaited OG:SMP is going to be releasing within the next few minutes! And then a few hours later, I'm going to be streaming it live on youtube! So lets talk about some of the features shall we? Marketplace: The marketplace is entirely run by the players...
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    Counting for funs

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    Midweek MADNESS UPDATES - New Party/Friend System, Elo system and a bunch of new maps including Rise of Orient, Wyverns Wake and more!

    Coloseium is nowhere to be found, Dead even got into contact with 1 of the builders and he couldnt get it. So unless somebody randomly has it, it's been lost to time.
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    Midweek MADNESS UPDATES - New Party/Friend System, Elo system and a bunch of new maps including Rise of Orient, Wyverns Wake and more!

    Hello tributes, I hope you are enjoying the server so far! We've got a lot of new updates, features and highly requested maps to share with you all! Party System and Friend System Both the party and friend system we're highly requested features! We have custom coded a party system and friend...
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    New Maps - Chernobyl 2015, Pompeii, The Lost Zoo and Fortress Pyke

    A few new maps have been added, and still many more to come! If you find any bugs or exploits with these maps, be sure to let me know. Also, we can use this thread to gain interest on other new maps you guys want to see! So if you have a map in mind, be sure to leave a comment or like other...
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    Guide How To Appeal Your Ban/Mute - READ BEFORE POSTING

    How to Appeal your Ban/Mute If you believe you were banned/muted unfairly, or you believe you deserve a second chance, please post an appeal using the exact format shown below. Note: If you do not post your appeal with this exact format, it may result in a staff member not looking at the...
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    Guide Youtube Application Form - READ BEFORE POSTING

    How to Apply for YouTube Rank Here you may apply for the YouTube rank on the network. This rank comes with exclusive benefits to make creating content on the network easier, such as our disguise/nickname feature (COMING SOON) to avoid targetting in-game, the vanish feature, which allows you to...
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    Guide Mod Application Form - READ HERE BEFORE POSTING

    How to Apply for Mod Here you may apply to become a Moderator on the OG-Network. Becoming a moderator on the network is far more than just a prefix in-game. It requires dedication and maturity. The purpose of the moderator rank on the server is to identify a player as part of the OG-Network...
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    Welcome to OG:SG!

    Welcome to OG:SG! We are a new minecraft server, bringing back OG gamemodes and ensuring that our server is never pay2win. Our focus is on making sure that you, the player have an enjoyable and balanced experience. We want to bring back that old style server feel, and make every gamemode skill...