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  1. 1nfern0_

    The problem with rep: (posted here because I can't send long enough messages in discord)

    The rep system is insanely flawed. The last time I made a post about this, it got a lot of negative attention, because I used maux as a key example (which they still are a key example of how flawed it is, but I will refrain from using them as an example, because they have so many people toxicly...
  2. 1nfern0_

    OG MC logo in my own style

    I realize that I said I'd work on my last drawing more... I forgot about that lol, but I think ill finish it soon. Always, here's the OG MC logo, drawn by me.
  3. 1nfern0_

    OG SMP spawn artwork

    a rough draft of some artwork of og smp spawn. I'll work on it more later this week, but its the hardest art I've done so far. It's based off a screenshot from Itzflip
  4. 1nfern0_

    Combatlog plug-in wiped me. Combatlog needs to be fixed

    I live in a place where I don’t get very good WiFi. It is very common for me to lag a lot or get kicked / disconnected. The problem is, half the time I enter pvp I get disconnected. Along with this combatlog has many bugs. Here is a list of said bugs. 1. If you get disconnected but your body...
  5. 1nfern0_

    Good elo?

    What ELO is considered good?
  6. 1nfern0_

    Question about some rules.

    During the last stream I asked about what If I have alts. By this I meant what would the punishment be for giving one person bad reputation on multiple accounts all owned by the same person.