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  1. Maxxx17

    What was your childhood dream?

    What was your childhood dream? As a child, I was quite a modest child, and I didn't ask my parents for expensive gifts. But when I found out about the PSP 3000, I begged my parents to buy me one. That dream unfortunately did not come true. But recently I bought it for myself. I didn't even...
  2. Maxxx17

    What is your favourite casino game?

    I really like playing poker. It's a great way to distract yourself from work. You don't have to leave the house. You can play at an online casino. I really like this online casino https://школа-лиски.рф/de . It also has poker and my favorite roulette. I think you should like it too. Feel free to...
  3. Maxxx17

    Would you be able to live without a phone?

    It's clear that no one can imagine their life without a phone. I remember my first cell phone. It was so cute. There's so much technology now, I'm already afraid to imagine what will happen next. Have you ever heard of being able to track someone else's phone? If not...
  4. Maxxx17

    the server plugin plugins and website source code for ogsg should be open source

    Yes, I myself, too, began to explore all sorts of information about design on the Internet. I advise you to try this site . On it I could find a lot of useful information and about design and graphic design...
  5. Maxxx17

    Introduction - Getting to know me

    Hi! I like to get acquainted on forums and various social networks. But my partner doesn't like it. I recently found out that with the help of he was tracking all my messages from my device. Now I'm trying to be...
  6. Maxxx17

    All players (from my perspective)

    And I've already stopped playing it. I just started spending more time playing Destiny 2 and leveling up there. Mostly I do it with Vow of the Disciple raid. Basically, it's a raid weapon with a different perk in the third and fourth columns, which you can get by completing challenges on the...
  7. Maxxx17

    Money Making Guide!

    Thank you for sharing, but I want to work in my specialty and so far all my free time I spend studying. For me it has always been a dream to learn the specialty that I will not regret that in the future to work and earn your own pleasure. I think in this regard I have a lot of support. And I try...
  8. Maxxx17

    Don't question my sanity or why I'm posting this on this forum

    You're good that you decided to take up the site and develop your business. I, too, try not to stand still and am now studying all the necessary information to open a montana llc on my own. To register a foreign LLC in Montana , you need to file a certificate of formation of a foreign LLC with...
  9. Maxxx17

    I started over on the smp

    Do you only stream Minecraft or do you stream other games as well? I liked this video, you're great in revealing the essence of the game. Try to make a video for the game Lost Ark because it has now become quite popular and many streaming on it. The game is famous for its currency design and...
  10. Maxxx17

    My videos on the server. Trailer and episode 1/2

    The video is great, I appreciate it. Recently found some good Minecraft Parkour Servers and now I play there. You can shoot parkour on these servers. I think the videos get the most epic. Especially if you choose some difficult obstacles. I myself make videos from the game sometimes. For myself...
  11. Maxxx17

    Watch now! New Video on the server!

    The video is great!