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  1. Glixe

    New montage of pvp on the server

    all clips are from the server, very based and redpilled
  2. Glixe

    The Official SMP Leaderboard

    bruh thats deemure not crazymandavo stupid
  3. Glixe

    server dead?

    Only a few old players still actually play still, a lot plan on coming back when reset happens
  4. Glixe

    New PvP tutorial for the smp

    I actually speak in this video
  5. Glixe

    The Guild Event

    For the record LaCroix only killed those who were in guilds, and to my knowledge all lacroix members also gave stuff back on kills if we were the ones who started the fight
  6. Glixe

    The Guild Event

    LaCroix on top
  7. Glixe

    Forums actually alive now?

    Hypixel still has an active forum that I quite like actually, but it doesn't really feel like a community
  8. Glixe

    Forums actually alive now?

    I'm actually seeing forums posts commonly pop up now this is cool
  9. Glixe

    OG:SMP Doesn't feel very OG (yes, this is a feedback post)

    The 2 problems that will make a public server that actually feels og, are that unless you're in older versions of the game it won't feel right, and also the community has changed, and for better or worse there is absolutely no way it will go back. The only way that the old way servers worked was...
  10. Glixe

    first ig, idk

    first ig, idk
  11. Glixe

    Make a forums section for promoting Media.

    I would own it more, L frezzy baka
  12. Glixe

    {Working 2021} Easy Survival Dupe

    just tried it, it really works :O
  13. Glixe

    Suggestions for cooldowns during PvP on smp

    In my opinion there are 2 items that should have cooldowns put in place while you're in combat, enchanted gapples, and enderpearls. And here are my cases for each needing a cooldown Enderpearls- While enderpearls are obviously a big part of PvP, when you get to the point where you have over 32...
  14. Glixe

    Suggestions for changes to rep

    As someone with -6 rep just cause I like to fight at spawn, I still really like the rep system, but I have a few suggestions to make it a bit better Split the rep system into 2 different numbers One problem is that if you fight a lot, you'll probably not have the highest rep, this can make...