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  1. IamMiku

    the current biggest problem with the SMP server!

    new players have a 30 minute protection. if they just go around punching others then that protection is gone. simple solution: just walk
  2. IamMiku

    Maybe don't call me a whore in your appeal

    Maybe don't call me a whore in your appeal
  3. IamMiku

    /home not working

    Just use /home home if you haven't given your home a name.
  4. IamMiku

    Teleporting back and forth?

    You can use /home to get back to your home. It doesn't matter how far away you are or which dimension you're in, it'll return you to the same dimension and coordinates the home was set in
  5. IamMiku

    Teleporting back and forth?

    you can set a home there first
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  7. IamMiku

    Should the ItemSwapper mod be allowed?

    The use of this mod would be quite the advantage especially in combat. I personally don't think it would be a great idea, but to each their own opinion.
  8. IamMiku

    Can't link account on forums

    Forum linking has never worked, we really need to remove that until it does
  9. IamMiku

    Unmute me!!!!

    as if that would ever work
  10. IamMiku

    Forum Link Does Not Work

    It was never functional
  11. IamMiku

    Appeal where?

    I will bring it forward to maybe make a seperate one for Discord, but for now it'd be best to do your discord appeal here too
  12. IamMiku

    Appeal where?

    Read this and then Appeal here
  13. IamMiku

    need to keep intro book

    that will not be happening, however you can just take a route around the direct way over, 3-4 chunks away should work just fine
  14. IamMiku

    need to keep intro book

    You can use /infobook to read it again