Suggestions for cooldowns during PvP on smp


In my opinion there are 2 items that should have cooldowns put in place while you're in combat, enchanted gapples, and enderpearls. And here are my cases for each needing a cooldown

Enderpearls- While enderpearls are obviously a big part of PvP, when you get to the point where you have over 32 of them you can easily utilize them to escape any fight, by just throwing them all around you randomly. There is basically no way for anyone to tell which one you're going to land at and eventually if you keep throwing, you'll lose them. I suggest a cooldown of 7-16 seconds like most pot pvp servers, which would still allow you to escape from fights if used well, and to avoid warzone completely by throwing 1 pearl from spawn to market, but won't allow you to escape from everything.

Enchanted Gapples- Enchanted gapples are meant to be used sparingly, and when players only have like 4 at most they're fine, but I know at least one player has amassed over 2 stacks of them in their possession and lots more have at least over 10. This makes it very hard to fight anyone as with no cooldown they can just chug god apples, making fights come down to how many god apples people have. Even if it's a very good player going against a very bad player, the skill difference could really only benefit the good player by a few gapples at most making it easy for the bad player to win if they have a few more god apples than the other person. I suggest they add a cooldown of 30-60 seconds to god apples to make PvP actually more dependant on skill. (Having more gapples could still help less experienced players this way if they play smart but it wouldn't allow them to be invincible.)

Thanks for reading my shitty suggestion :D