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Hey all! You guys might remember me as one of the three guys who discovered that game breaking dupe on the server commonly dubbed the "bedrock dupe" I was interrogated and swiftly banned for my actions obviously. But I must say I do miss this server and the friends I made on it. I just heard that finny binny is a server mod now so thats cool! And apparently ninja quit wich slightly saddens me seeing as how he was the best of all of us. This server helped me meet some of the best online friends I ever had (and honestly didn't deserve cause I was just an asshole back then). But nevertheless I am happy for the time I spent on this server and the people I met. ty mr.epic ty finny binny ty itzninjayt ty leroniko ty elcatto ty pizza bread ty tankergear you all helped me grow as a person. and most of all ty og smp for being the most fun i have ever had on minecraft.


Please apply for an unban on the official forum for punishment appeals. if you could message me on discord so we can further talk about this situation.
thank you
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