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OG-Network Moderation Application - Tips

Welcome to the OG-Network Moderator Application Guide.

This guide will go through everything you need to know before applying and also give you some tips on how to make a well-written application, and help your chances of being accepted!


Things to do before applying for a moderation position

There are many things a player can do to increase their chances of getting accepted:

Helping others - Even if you do not have any permissions, you can still help other players in different ways. You can answer questions, help new players, redirect players to official resources, and more. Although, we do not recommend players to "mini-mod" as this can heavily lower your chances.

Activity - Being active is a key role in being a moderator. Being active doesn't just include playing, but also being involved within the community and being active on the forums and on the discord server.

Having a good record - Being previously punished does not mean that you have no chance of being accepted. However, having a clean record is just an extra plus in your application.

Knowledge - Having knowledge about the server is key. The more you are aware of the server, the more questions you are able to answer. All applicants are required to have some basic information about the network itself.

Patience - Patience is important as a staff member, as it is required in many daily duties as a staff member. Some situations will require a lot of patience.

Being mature - We require our staff members to be mature. We allow our staff team to joke around to a limit; however, we require our staff members to act professionally and present themselves well.

Being professional - We require our staff members to be able to be professional when needed. Our moderation team represents OG-Network and, therefore, all members in the moderation team need to display professionalism.

Interacting with the community - Interacting with the community is required in many of your daily duties as a moderator. Interacting with the community through making memes and inside jokes, coming up with suggestions, and reporting bugs are all great ways of showing your dedication towards OG-Network and can help you stand out from many other applicants.

Approachability - Many of your daily duties as a Moderator revolve around helping out players. Therefore, we want staff members that are easily approachable.


How to write a good application

Structure - The structure of your application is key to making it stand out and look clean for the reader. Making a well-structured application makes it stand out. Furthermore, it makes the reader enjoy reading the application, which increases your chances of getting accepted.

Effort - Because we usually don't deny applications, and accept applicants when we are in need of staff, therefore we recommend all applicants to put in effort in their application. A general note is that for most answers, around a paragraph is minimally required.

Use proper grammar - Using proper grammar will make you look more professional. The first impression is key and, therefore, we recommend all applicants to spend time checking their applications before submitting them.

Make your application stand out - Since we receive many suitable applications, we look at the applications that stand out. Spending some extra time making your application stand out can help you more than you believe. Feel free to get personal, as we take personality and real-life qualities into consideration.

Be honest - Lying in your application will lead to it being automatically denied.


Thanks to Paffz for providing some tips!​
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