The Story of the Traveller's Oasis | A PIPE DREAM. NEVER COMING BACK


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In the past week I made a journey across the overworld to 10,000 x 10,000. It was just a simple goal, and a way to get far out into the world away from spawn. Took me 3 hours across the Overworld and I did it in one life without dying.

When I got there I saw a simple "10" built out of wood and nothing more. I felt accomplished in my trip but at the same time wished to find something more when I arrived.

I discovered a nice little desert, with an area of land jutting out into the Ocean near to 10k x 10k. It was at that moment I wanted to make a build to celebrate players' journeys of exploration.

Oasis plot.jpg

My idea was to build a Traveler's Oasis, or merely a rest stop/waypoint where players could sign their name, make their mark on server history, and continue on their way or stay for a while. The main atrium of THE HUT i was building would contain a Library full of LOG BOOKs from past travellers, a donation bin for random things a player would want to get rid of to clear up inventory space, and a collection/request area where a player could take some of the donated items if they need.

In addition to THE HUT, I set up a little campsite outside with a tent and bed to set a new spawn point, a crafting table, some furnaces, and an ender chest.

Future plans for the Oasis would have included a Zoo of exotic animals from all over the world, plants, and blocks. Almost like an all in one ARCHIVE and MUSEUM for the server, a wonder of the world to visit on occasion and see its updates. A place where history could be documented and preserved. If ever a player wanted to add a story to the server history they could.

At the exact coordinate of 10,000 x 10,000 -- underneath the wooden "10" that Misterdarknight built" -- I set up a platform and a couple Lecterns with books that explained this plan and a LOG BOOK that read:


January 2022

by BloodBuccaneer
This book is to be a LOG BOOK of all players that have visited this waypoint.

For future generations of players to read and discover its history.

Dedicated to those that run the OG-SMP server, as well as all of it's players.
Please sign your name and date on page 5&6. If you wish to write something more keep it to a single page.

If you are writing in a LOG BOOK that does not match up with the current month please sign the book and swap it out in the hut for the log book that does.
There will be an ongoing Archive of LOG BOOKs available to view in the hut. Please be considerate and put books back after viewing. All that is valuable here is our collective history. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of what the point of all of this is. START LOG

Jan 9 2022

After 3 hours I have arrived at 10Kx10K to find a wooded monolith with the names 1nfer0, DiamondRoughCut on it.
The "10" build is by Misterdarknight. No indication of date so I don't know how long it's been here. Would like to preserve it but also update it.
Jan 10, 2022

I conjured the idea and began construction on Traveler's Oasis. I hope players make it here and can understand and enjoy the sense of community I am trying to foster. To the future, Good luck.


Viatics Note.jpg

The only person to have seen this build in progress that I know of is ViaticShadow, a kind player who left some signs and helped me teleport back to the Oasis at one point. They liked what I was doing and merely popped in and left.

However, upon logging into the server today I found my week worth of work leveled to the ground. No trace of any trees, walls, signs, chests, anything. All of it looted and destroyed leaving hollow marks in the walls and empty land that barely resembles a hollow shell of what was here.
It was decorated to the brim and an objectively beautiful build, very tropical like a Caribbean outpost. No note was left, no player to claim their conquest. Just emptiness. I doubt they tried to read any of the signs or lecterns available, because if so they might have left some words in their wake.

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of what THE HUT looked like during its construction. Just screenshots from before I started on it.
My efforts were selfless. I had nothing of any great value.
Everything I was working on was for the History of the server and exploration.

It's a joke to consider any sort of community on a server like this. I have no plans of returning because I am not of the ilk that choose to Spawn kill players and destroy everyone else's builds. So I see no point in sticking around.

Good luck in the Warzone. Seems no one cares to Mine or Craft, just kill and destroy.

Broken 10.jpg


hey, I was mentioned here! the plan was to build a big hole here, as last season another hole was built at 10k 10k. Diamondroughcut rejoined for one of the first times this season, wanting to build the hole, so a flew over to 10k 10k, and tied them there, to those exact coordinates.


also, you made a base in a very public area. its unlucky that It got destroyed so quickly, but no matter how much was built, bases will always be briefed eventually.