{Working 2021} Easy Survival Dupe


Most people don't know, but there is a secret dupe spreading around. I thought I would share it before it gets patched my the admins. Don't go too crazy and ruin the eco pls <3
Dupe Name: Cactus Alt F4 Dupe
Original Finder Of the Dupe: N/A
Difficulty: 3/10 No Mods required.
How to execute the dupe: You will need a cactus, the Item you want to dupe, and a keyboard. To do this dupe properly you need to lag your PC by opening 50+ google chrome tabs. After that, you simply throw your item(s) into the cactus, then quickly hit alt + f4 or shift + alt + f4. This quickly closes the game and will result in duping the items when logging back it.
For a more in depth tutorial, visit the link below.
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Note: You have a 23% chance of loosing the item(s) you are trying to dupe, if it doesn't work the first time, it will the second.

Tutorial: N/A

Note to admins, this is a joke!
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