Holiday Update + SMP Christmas Event + Cosmetics Changes

Holiday Update + SMP Christmas Event + Cosmetic Changes

Hello all!

It's that time of year! I wanted to do something for the holidays on the network for everyone to enjoy! This update includes a holiday redesign for the hub, a present hunt event on the SMP and changes/improvements to the cosmetics system. For specific details and more information, please read below.

► Hub Redesign

To begin, we have a redesigned holiday-themed hub made by one of our builders, @snowcoal! If you have firework particles enabled in your Minecraft animation settings, you will also be able to see cool snowflake effects! A sneak peek can be seen below:


► SMP Christmas Present Hunt

Additionally, there will be a Christmas present hunt event running from today (December 16th) to the end of December 25th! I have hidden 24 presents around spawn and the market. Find all of them to unlock exclusive cosmetics for the hub, as well as SMP coins.

To claim a present, find a Christmas present that looks like the one below, and right-click it. Every present that has not been found will have green, white and red Redstone particles to assist you. Please enable Redstone particles in your Minecraft animation settings if you haven't already.


You will then be prompted with a message that you have found that present, along with how many presents you have left. Note that you cannot claim the same present twice and will receive a message stating that you have already claimed that present if you try to claim it again.


Once you find all presents, you will be prompted with a message that you have found all presents, along with the rewards that you will receive.

► Rewards

The rewards that you will receive upon completing the hunt are:
  • $10,000 SMP Coins
  • Christmas 2021 Status Cosmetic
  • Christmas 2021 Balloon Cosmetic (3).gif

► Cosmetics Changes

With this update, you will be seeing changes to cosmetics, notably, the prices of cosmetics, as well as their rarity.
  • Cosmetics will now be sorted from Common to Legendary, with cosmetics that require a rank to use sorted at the very end.
  • Coins in the hub have been renamed to "Credits" for future updates ;)
  • Changed statuses to appear above the player's nametag instead of underneath, which caused visibility issues.
  • Added an "SG Elo" status, which displays your ELO above your nametag. (More of these statuses coming soon 😄)
  • Prices have been adjusted for each cosmetic according to their rarity. If you purchased cosmetics before their price change, consider it lucky!
  • Loot pools for the cosmetic treasure chests have also been adjusted to account for rarities better.

Finally, on behalf of the entire OG Network team, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!