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  • why cant I play minecraft? I still use the java edition launcher, but people have literally had the same issue back in january. It keeps saying that something went wrong with the login process every time I try to log in w/ microsoft, and my mojang account doesnt work because its been migrated. I want to play Minecraft and I have been having this issue for a week now.
    I do have some ideas as to how to improve the protected spawn and an idea for a player based law enforcement to maintain peace among the entire server.

    now that i think about it, peace sounds like an unpopular opinion
    im happy the smp has came out, but i dont really like the fact there are pre built buildings or the faact that you cant build near spawn
    no new gamemodes. im bored tbh. IK something will come out soon tho so im a little excited
    edit: still cant wait for smp!
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