A New Age of the OG-SMP - SMP Update

OG SMP Major Update

In the midst of the OG SMP, a terrible earthquake struck the flourishing medieval landscape. Spawn, and the surrounding area was devastated, and left in ruin, with all living life, purged. Decades later, the ruins which once lay untouched have become enveloped in lush green forestry, gradually whittling away the civilisation that once was…

A new era emerged, as civilisation once again beckoned forwards unto new dawn…

► Spawn, Market and Warzone Redesign

Due to popular demand, the original spawn has returned, faithfully updated by snowcoal and _Finny_Binny. The surrounding spawn terrain has also seen a massive facelift and biome change (don’t worry, everything outside the spawn and warzone has been left unchanged). The market has also seen a big update, now with 100 stalls, many of which are 7x7 or larger! Currently, all stalls are up for auction to ensure everybody has a fair chance of getting their desired stall, no matter their time zone. After the auctions have ended, stalls will return to the normal rent method of purchasing.

The technology is finally here. New donation perks include stall customisation, elytra trails, glow cosmetics, new unique premium cosmetics, custom fireworks and sg cosmetics now on the SMP.

A new donation rank OG+ has also been added, not to be confused with OG++, which is what the monthly subscription rank (old OG+) has now been renamed to. Everything and more is explained in detail down below!

► Stall Auction Information

With the new market means that all stalls have been reset. This time, we will run a 4-day auction for all the stalls. Don’t worry; every stall will have a staggered end period, so it is time zone-friendly.

To bid on a stall, do /bid and select which stall you would like to bid on. Be aware that you may only be the top bidder on one stall at a time, and once you win a stall, you cannot bid on another. Click on the green stained glass to increase your bid and the red stained glass to lower your bid. Then, click the blue stained glass to place the bid.

XLrjh5Q (2).png

pmENBHU (2).png

eRXTxNF (2).png

To prevent people from exploiting the auction, we have minimum bid increases of $5,000 in the last 60 seconds, $10,000 in the last 30 seconds, and $100,000 in the last 10 seconds. Should someone bid in the last 60 seconds, the auction on that stall will increase another two minutes to give anyone who wishes to bid a chance to do so still.

If you win the auction on a stall, do /claim and click on the stall key to claim it. Upon right-clicking the stall key, you will purchase the stall for one day, and you will have to extend it further to keep the stall.

Finally, we will be voiding the functionality of the stall keys one week after all of the stalls have come off the auction house. So please claim your stall as soon as possible.

► New Rank and Rank Perks

The new rank is named OG+, and the old OG+ (subscription rank) has been renamed OG++. From now on, in order to get OG++, you will require the new OG+ rank. However, we have given all old OG+ subscribers who have been subscribed for more than one month the new rank for free as a token of our gratitude for the long-term support. New OG++ subscribers (who had old OG+ for under a month) will be given a 50% discount on the new rank for one month.

I know many people will have concerns about this, so I've written up a rationale behind this rank addition at the end of this post for those who are curious.

For all ranks, you will have access to /togglechatcolour, which will toggle seeing chat colours made by players.

OG+ Perks (New Rank)
  • Ability to Customize Stalls in the market.
  • /glow - Access to all glow colours and blink glow ability
  • /elytraeffects - Access to 19 new elytra trails
  • /facefirework (playername) - Shoots a firework into the air of a player's skin
  • Custom Cosmetics - can customize block destroy and place particle effects (2 Effects).
  • New General and Premium Cosmetics
  • Banners can be used on the SMP
  • 4 /homes on the SMP
  • New join and leave message
  • New rank prefix → [OG+]
  • All previous rank perks

OG++ Perks
  • Inherits everything from the new rank as well as:
    • Special glow abilities (rainbow glow and choose effect speed)
    • Stall customisation beacon effect (more will come soon)
    • /togglegoldname - make your name gold
    • All elytra effects, including ten exclusive effects
    • /me
    • /announce - send a message network-wide to players, alerting them to join the lobby you are currently in (works in challengers and sg)
    • An additional home on the SMP
  • Custom cosmetics - teleportation particle effects

OG Perks
  • Seven new elytra trails

Ace Perks
  • /firstjoined <player> - Gives the date and time that you or another player first joined the SMP world.
  • New chat placeholders
    • {time}
    • {pos}
    • {biome}
    • {health}
    • {xp}
    • {inv}
    • {ender}
    • {money}
    • {ping}

Prime Perks
  • /recipe

► Stall Customisation

We have finally added the highly requested stall customisation. Upon left-clicking your stall, you will be presented with this menu, allowing you to customize the stall's floor, add beacons and edit all blocks within two blocks of the usable region.

To customize the floor of your stall, click the red carpet, and you will be presented with three options. Solid floors, which allow you to set the floor of your stall to a single block type. Pattern floors, which will enable you to create your own block patterns. Finally, preset floors, which we have created for you guys to use.

Floor Customisation (OG+ and Above)

Beacon Color (OG++ Perk)

► New Events and Current Event Changes
  • *NEW* Boat Race (only available to Java players at the moment due to boat issues on Bedrock. We will fix this asap)
  • *NEW* Dropper
  • Skywars now has a closing world border
  • Skywars has a sudden death once the border closes
  • Paintball will now distribute the reward ($4000) between the number of winners instead of a flat $350 reward.

► New Cosmetics

Premium Cosmetics - Found in /cosmetics
  • Glow - /glow
    • Creates a special glow effect around you
    • Right-click a glow effect to make it blink
    • You can change the blink speed
    • You can also select a rainbow glow, as well as special glow effects

  • "SG" Cosmetics
    • All kill and projectile effects from the SG cosmetics

  • Elytra Effects
    • Particle effects which follow you as you fly with an elytra
    • 29 in total

Custom Cosmetics - Found in /cosmetics
  • Block break particles
  • Block place particles
  • Teleportation particles
  • Custom Fireworks
    • More to come in the future
    • Use /facefirework (playername) to shoot a firework into the air which looks like a player's skin

► Final Thoughts & Reasoning for the New Rank

Many people I know will have complaints or concerns about the new rank and extra home, so I'll explain our reasoning for its addition here. When we updated the SMP to 1.19 and expanded the world border, the current server we were using was no longer sufficient and did not have enough storage for the fast-growing SMP world. As such, we had to purchase a new box, almost doubling monthly costs. Since players no longer want a reset, this is only going to continue to become a growing issue, and it’s likely in the future, a further upgrade will be required increasing costs once more. And I know most of you are upset about the extra home, but that is 90% of the reason people donate for our ranks (just look at how few people have Ace because it didn’t get an extra home compared to Prime and OG), so it’s quite a necessary perk. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be the case, but that’s just unrealistic. The argument that we should “downsize” is invalid; as I stated from the get-go in the original video, I announced to the server in that our goal was to build a network of multiple game modes.

Here’s some proof if you don’t believe me - https://datapools.github.io/MCEula/...EVmHnOAZ3KG1w5dSkcyxmCyCvvhhTJgWKbHZRUD6swUng
The EULA-compliant server mine time (which is actually still pay2win, look at their rank perks) has more than double our average player base and sells ranks which cost up to $250 (https://buy.minetime.com/category/ranks), yet still makes less than half of what a pay2win server with less average players makes. Previously most of our monthly donations stemmed from the same few extremely generous players, who we can’t solely rely on in the future. And for those of you who mention cosmetics should be enough to get people to donate (https://datapools.github.io/MCEula/explanation) -

In addition, behind the scenes, we are well into the development of our upcoming new game mode, which has taken a significant monetary investment. That's not a problem, but if we want to continue to expand the network in the future with new game modes and features, we simply need to ensure we are making enough money to be able to do so. Our prior server monetisation method just isn’t going to cut it, as we already make significantly less than most average pay2win servers around our size (as shown above). Changes had to be made to ensure we can continue to develop and run the server into the future. Don’t worry; we are still committed to being non-pay2win and have no plans to add other donator features like homes.