Combatlog plug-in wiped me. Combatlog needs to be fixed

How should issues be solved? (Combatlog)

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  • Bug fix it and keep it as is during development

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I live in a place where I don’t get very good WiFi. It is very common for me to lag a lot or get kicked / disconnected. The problem is, half the time I enter pvp I get disconnected. Along with this combatlog has many bugs. Here is a list of said bugs.
1. If you get disconnected but your body still is in the game, combatlog applies to you. Once when I was logged out someone attacked my body which hadn’t left yet and combatlog kicked in when I logged back in.
2. Getting disconnected during combat activates combatlog.
3. Combatlog sometimes doesn’t work when it should such as during a chase.
As the title of this thread says, combatlog did wipe me. This happened because it activated to many times during the first two glitches. I lost a full set of diamond which I don’t really care about that, but I did lose a maxed fortune netherite pick, called “break blocks lol II”. This was a very special pickaxe to me, and with my connection issues took around 20 days to get.
What I have to say about this is that combatlog should be either disabled or fixed, although it should be disabled until fixed. Combatlog isn’t very good at its job so I do have some coding recommendations.
1. Make it so if said attacking player is in within a 10 block radius of you, and are swinging their weapon / left clicking, combatlog will activate for 20 seconds.
2. Reprogram combatlog to check for errors on the playerside. If the player gets kicked/timed out don’t activate.
3. When a player is in combatlog see if they are online. If not, don’t activate combatlog.
I hope these changes are made, as this is my favorite server, but combatlog makes it very annoying to play at times.