New Maps - Chernobyl 2015, Pompeii, The Lost Zoo and Fortress Pyke


A few new maps have been added, and still many more to come! If you find any bugs or exploits with these maps, be sure to let me know.

Also, we can use this thread to gain interest on other new maps you guys want to see! So if you have a map in mind, be sure to leave a comment or like other people's suggestions!


Some map recommendations : icarus fallen, wyverns wake, rise of orient, and Duckbill city/ Duckbill
Edit some other maps : Military, and colosseum ( of course, I understand if you don't add all of these, I know these things take a while, but if you could at least add a few that would be great, thanks :D )
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I'd like to see the maps Kokoshi Islands (created by Cephyr), and Shattered Kingdom (by Reon Gears) added. They were on Mineplex in 2015.