Survival Games 2.0 RELEASE

Here’s What You Need To Know:
  1. At the start of each SG game, players will be able to vote for a game scenario and map.
  2. Game scenarios change how a SG game is played. For example, the “random teams” scenario automatically gives everybody a teammate, and the “only bows” scenario does exactly what you think!
  3. In games, random events can also occur (15% chance). These can include anything from a supply drop, to acid rain and even meteor strikes!
  4. Inspired by Minecraft Monday, upon players dying a head will spawn which you can right click to get an effect, and we have some new custom items/heals. There are also villager shops around the map (look for the beacon beams), where you can buy rare items with iron/gold ingots and diamonds. You can get ingots by smelting ores in furnaces, found around the map!
Levelling and Cosmetics
  1. We have removed elo, and are switching to a similar levelling system to bedwars on Hypixel. At certain levels, you unlock specific SG cosmetics and get a nice coloured number near your name in chat.
  2. SG Cosmetics are all new, and are separate from the current cosmetics - there’s a lot of cool stuff here including death messages and win effects.
  3. Players can earn Achievements such as “Killer I” which gives you 10 achievement points which will be used to unlock newer cosmetics in the future.
Classic SG
  1. And finally, we will be keeping 1 lobby open that will permanently run classic SG (as it was before). So traditionalist players, don’t worry.

Donors will automatically get some specific donor only cosmetics, as well as more votes in lobbies for scenarios and maps -

Read on down below for more detail!


  • Jump Boost
    • How’s it hoppin’? All players have been given a permanent jump boost.
  • Speed
    • Ready? Set... Go! All players have been given permanent speed 2.
  • Tier 3 Chests
    • Everything expensive, everything exclusive and everything icy. All chests around the map are tier 3, which contain the best of the best items.
  • Classic SG
    • This is very similar to the old Survival Games gamemode that we hosted.
  • Bomb Lobbers
    • Time to blow some stuff up! You will only be able to attack other players by placing TNT and shooting fireballs. This scenario will last all game.
  • Only Bows
    • Time to unleash your inner Katniss. All weapons, except for bows, have been removed from chests and you cannot craft swords or axes either. May the best archer win! This scenario will last all game.
  • Random Spawns
    • Spawn?.. What’s that? All players will start the game in a random location on the map. Good luck!
  • Juggernaut
    • A powerful force overwhelms this game. A player will be appointed as the "Juggernaut" and it is the goal of the rest of the players to band together to defeat them. The player who kills the juggernaut becomes one. The juggernaut is buffed with extra health and armor, so be careful! This scenario will last all game.
  • Disguise All
    • Battle to the death... except, you don’t know who you’re fighting. All players have been disguised with a random name and skin. Be careful, as you do not know who you can trust. This scenario will last all game.
  • Monsters Spawn
    • Walking Dead?? Watch your back! Throughout the match, mobs will spawn around you. This scenario will last all game.
  • Random Teams
    • Ever feel lonely on the battlefield? Well, now you don’t have to! Every player has been paired randomly with a teammate. If both you and your teammate are the last ones standing, or one of you is the last one standing, you both win. Cross-teaming is NOT allowed, and this scenario will last all game.

Our first planned update will also add a lucky blocks scenario and a detailed scorestreaks scenario, more info of which will come.

Random Events:
Random events will occasionally occur during games (15% chance of happening). These events can be triggered at any time during a game except for the deathmatch. The duration of these events is roughly 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Acid Rain
  • Meteor Strike (pictured below)
  • Supply Drop
  • Floor is Lava
  • Players Teleport 10 blocks up
  • 1 Heart Event

Villager Shops:

Around the maps in key areas, there will be a small market booth with a villager inside (look for the beacon beam). You can buy rare items from the villager with iron ingots, gold ingots, and diamonds. You can get gold/iron ingots by smelting ores in furnaces around the map (ores are found in chests, just like other loot).
These shops could replace enchantment tables on all of the old and new maps by including enchanted books in their list of items to buy.
You get two diamonds. You can choose to make a diamond sword, or you can go to this villager shop and get, say, a power 1 book.
  1. Find villager shop
  2. Right click villager
  3. Opens shop GUI
  4. Choose between Iron, Gold, Diamond shop categories. Can either have each shop be exclusive to one tier and have 3 shops per map or have each shop contain every tier and only have one shop per map.
  5. All items are listed per category when selected, hovering over shows price and currency

Ore/Material Rework:
  • Furnaces are placed in the popular/busy spots of each map
  • Furnaces come with 3-5 coal in them, players are unable to remove coal from furnaces
  • All iron in game is replaced with iron ore
  • All diamonds in game are replaced with diamond ore
  • All gold in game is replaced with gold ore
  • You have to smelt the ore to get the material
  • Furnace smelt time is sped up

New Custom Items:
Healing Soups:

  • Very rare, twice as rare as diamonds
  • Right click to instant eat
  • Heals 3 hearts over 6 seconds
  • Gives speed 1 for 3-5 seconds (random)
  • Can be right clicked to be shot at other players (Like a faster ghast fireball).
  • Upon making contact they do damage and knockback
  • Can be placed on the ground, and will automatically be ignited.
  • Upon blowing up they do significant damage, and knockback

Players will also be able to earn tiered and non-tiered achievements. Achievements can be viewed in game with the /achievements command
  1. Tiered Achievements - Earn rewards by progressing through specific tiers! E.g. the "Killer" achievement has 5 tiers (100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000) and grants increasingly greater rewards for achieveing each tier. These are mean't to be long term achievements that really will allow the great players to brag about.
  2. Non-tiered Achievements - Earn rewards for completing specific and unique tasks. These are normal achievements of varying difficulty.
Completing achievements earns you achievement points, which will be used to buy rare and unique cosmetics and other features in the near future!


We have a brand new cosmetics system, with comsetics unique to Survival Games. Cosmetics include various particle, item and mob-based effects that can be purchased with SG coins, as well as gravestone quotes (death messages) and kill effects/messages so you can kill enemies in fashion and die with style.
  • Projectile Effects
  • Kill Effects
  • Win Effects
  • Gravestone Quotes (A quote that appears above your claimed head upon death)
  • Kill Messages

May the best tribute win!