The problem with rep: (posted here because I can't send long enough messages in discord)


The rep system is insanely flawed. The last time I made a post about this, it got a lot of negative attention, because I used maux as a key example (which they still are a key example of how flawed it is, but I will refrain from using them as an example, because they have so many people toxicly defending maux, that I dont want to argue with rn), and many of their "followers" decided that the suggestion to fix rep was absolutely terrible, and must be declined at all costs. It is not an opinion that rep is heavily flawed though. It is a fact. So, I will now go on to explain how shitty rep currently is, and how to fix it.
How many times have you been repped? Once? A few times? 20 times? More? Well, the more you've been repped, the more you'll know how flawed it is to gain rep. I currently use a fast exp farm, and can produce 1 maxxed sword every 5 minutes. By going around begging for rep, and giving out said maxxed swords, I will gain large masses of rep, while being considered annoying, and possibly even infamous. Rep is meant to show who is kind, and who to trust. Not who is able to farm gear the fastest. (Even though I try to refrain from saying negative stuff about maux in this suggestion, due to the fact that it will get more people voting no, I do have to use this example). Maux killed a player with the help of Pythoxs. I didn't care too much, until maux gave that player THEIR OWN HELMET, causing that player to rep maux. Due to this, and the sheer amount of people they were spawnkilling, and the fact that I couldn't possibly fit this one reaosn in a single custom downrep, I downrepped them for "this server is hopless at this point...". Maux promplty reported this rep as false, and got it removed. The rep system can be exploited THIS easily, to get more rep.
So, what are some solutions? Well, the last time I talked about how terrible the rep system was, I didn't have many good ones. So, I made the suggestion to ask for ideas. Instead, people took it as a personal insult to maux. So, instead of getting suggestions, and constructive criticism, I got more personal insults from people who support max, despite the suggestion being about problems with rep. This time, I will again propose some solutions, and again, ask people to think, and post in a thread, what they think could be a viable solution to this problem. So, to begin with the suggesting of a solution, I will begin with the idea of just removing rep entirely (sorry prism lol). This is an absolutely terrible idea, and could only work if all other solutions were even worse. It does have some pros though. There will be no more false repping, allowing for mods needing to do less work, and it will end exploiting rep (because some members are infamous and still have good rep). Another solution could be to make it so you could rep an infinite amount of players per day, just the same IP cannot rep the same player twice within a 24 hour period. This does have some cons, like even more active moderation, and a few other cons. But, it also has some pros, such as people being Abel to rep who they think deserves to be repped.
Finally, I will make an actually suggestion, opposed to just complaining bout how shitty rep is. The custom rep reason isn't very good currently, so instead, allow players to write a one page description about why they downrepped. If this reason can fit on a name tag, it will appear as normal. If not, the rep will say "custom reason..." and you can click on the downrep player head to see what this custom reason is. Anyways, this will be taken negatively because I included maux in a negative way in it, and the fact that is way too long for most people who would agree to read all the way through. Anyways, if you skipped to the end, and you are a normal player, just discuss in this suggestion's thread about ways rep could be fixed. If you are an admin, read these suggestions, and also, read this paragraph, as it has a suggestion to add to rep.
TL;DR: Rep is very exploitable, and should be fixed. There are multiple ways of doing this, so please discuss them in the thread of this suggestion. Also, custom rep needs some improvements to be good. (Read paragraph above to find them out).