Welcome to OG:SG!

Welcome to OG:SG!
We are a new minecraft server, bringing back OG gamemodes and ensuring that our server is never pay2win. Our focus is on making sure that you, the player have an enjoyable and balanced experience. We want to bring back that old style server feel, and make every gamemode skill based.

Survival Games
Our Current focus is on bringing back survival games, in what we are calling OG:SG or OG Survival Games. Inspired by MCSG, we have roughly 20 of the first and most popular maps of all time, and have updated them to ensure their playability in the modern landscape. 24 players fight it out to be crowned the sole winner in an all out, skill based free for all. Scattered around the maps are chests (tier 1 loot) and enderchests (tier 2 loot) which players can use to gear up and prepare.
Those who die are also not done with their involvement in the game, having the ability to set bounties in an attempt to get certain players hunted down, or sponsor others giving them assitance from above.

We have also made sure that new players and experienced players can have just as much fun, balancing the loot system and not offering any in game advantages through money! So what are you waiting for, come hop on and play survival games as it was mean't to be played!


Cool! I love that you are doing this, also can you bring back factions next I never got the experience of OG factions and it would be nice to get it