Challengers – Beta Release

Challengers – Beta Release
Hey everyone, after a long wait we finally have challengers ready! A 5v5 gamemode for competitive and casual players, with a range of different classes and abilities. Right now, the gamemode is in beta as there is a range of abilities and features which need testing, but we hope to have a full release next month

The Classes

So, some of you may be asking what challengers is, so let me explain. There are 5 challengers (classes), all with their strengths, weaknesses and different abilities, each wearing different sets of armour.

  1. Assassin – Wearing leather armour, the assassin may seem like the weakest class, but is far from that, having high agility and many movement-based abilities.
  2. Mage – Wearing gold armour, the mage has a variety of abilities that can deal high damage. Master of multiple elements, the mage can really take control of the game, with its high damage skills.
  3. Ranger – Wearing chain armour, the ranger’s greatest strength is the bow. Able to use a variety of bow-based abilities, the ranger is not one to be underestimated, able to do high damage from a distance and traverse around the map.
  4. Knight – Wearing iron armour, the knight is the master of melee combat with a variety of sword-based abilities, allowing you to parry, block and dish out high damage.
  5. Brute – Wearing diamond armour, the brute is a force to be reckoned with. With various abilities which deal high amounts of damage, the brute is not only a tank but can change the outcome of a fight.


Those are the 5 classes, but what about abilities? Each class has around 15-20 abilities unique to that class only. That means, for example, that sword abilities for mages, will be different from sword abilities for assassins. The only similarity between abilities in each class is that they are all activated very similarly. There are 6 types of abilities, which are all very straightforward.

  1. Sword Abilities – Sword abilities can be activated by right-clicking with a sword
  2. Axe Abilities – Axe abilities can be activated by right-clicking with an axe
  3. Bow Abilities – Bow abilities can be activated by left-clicking with a bow and then firing the bow. Only 2 classes can use the bow: assassin and ranger.
  4. Passive A Abilities – Passive abilities are abilities that don’t need to be activated and will work in the background when fighting or when certain conditions are met.
    However, mage and assassin both have some unique Passive A abilities which can be toggled or activated by holding a weapon and clicking q (weapon does not get dropped doing this).
  5. Passive B Abilities – The same as Passive A abilities, except none, can be activated
  6. Global Abilities – These are passive abilities that can be used by any class, and are the same for all classes.

Skill Points

Most abilities have various levels, wherewith every increasing level the ability gets stronger (caps out around 5). For example, you may have the axe ability fire blast which does 1 damage at level 1, and 5 damage at level 5. Unlocking an ability unlocks all its levels.

You can only equip a certain number of abilities, as well as level them up a certain amount. You have 12 skill points that determine this. So for example, you could have a level 3 sword ability, level 5 axe ability, level 3 Passive A ability and level 1 Passive B ability. See, it all adds up to 12.


Like abilities, there are also a variety of items you can unlock and equip. These also require the use of an inventory version of skill points, known as item points. You have 10 item points to use on these items here:

  1. Standard Sword/Axe (2 item points each) – Just your standard use iron sword/axe.
  2. Power Sword/Axe (4 item points each) – Diamond version of the sword/axe, increase melee damage by 1.
  3. Booster Sword/Axe (4 item points each) – Gold version of the sword/axe, increases sword/axe ability level by 1.
    That means if you are using a level 1 fire blast axe ability, using it with the booster axe will make it level 2. This applies to every level, meaning that you can even get level 6 abilities using them.
  4. Mushroom Soup (1 item point each) – Work as you think they do, right-clicking them gives you regeneration.
  5. Proximity Explosive (2 item points each) – A TNT block that can be thrown in item form anywhere on the map. Once thrown, they are set like a mine and will blow up when enemies walk over them.
  6. Proximity Zapper (2 item points each) – Functions like the proximity explosive, except setting it causes the player who walks over it to get struck by lightning, giving them various debuffs.
  7. Cobweb (1 item point for 3) – Can be thrown by left-clicking, and wherever they land spawns a cobweb, which will slow players down if they walk into it.
  8. Water bottle (1 item point each) – Can be right-clicked at any time to extinguish the player, or left-clicked to be thrown and extinguish other players.

Currency and XP System

And that’s the abilities. Now, abilities can be unlocked using a form of currency called Remnants (Rem for short). Remnants can be earned by playing games, getting kills, capturing points (explained below), and more! You can also earn XP through similar methods, which will eventually contribute to a level-based system, very similar to Hypixel's star system (you can earn XP, but the actual levels have not yet been implemented, they will be soon).

The Gamemode - Control

I’ve explained all the classes and abilities now, but what about the actual gamemode you will be playing. Well, the first gamemode we’ve implemented is called control. For those of you that have played call of duty, this is like their domination gamemode. Basically, each map has 5 points/objectives around it, marked by beacons. By standing on the designated area (marked by wool and glass), you can capture a control point. While captured, each control point will give your team points towards an overall score.

The first team to 15,000 total points wins! You can also get points for your team through kills, and emerald blocks around the map which when stood on will award your team 300 points.


Because this is a beta, and there are things we need to specifically test, we’ve given certain players access to things which they won’t have in the full release. For the beta, only donors will immediately have access to all abilities, while other players will have to unlock them through playing. Now before you shout pay2win, we’ve done this for a reason. We did the beta primarily to test 2 different things.

Number 1 is the abilities and number 2 is the currency (remnants) and XP system. Since we need the abilities tested, we’re initially going to give all players access to all the abilities, but that wouldn’t work because we need to test the currency system for unlocking abilities as well.

So, the donators will be our main ability testers, and non-donators will be our main currency/unlocking ability testers! Once the beta is over, this will change, and all players will be on an even playing field It will not be pay2win. Also, there will be bugs, so make sure to report them if you find them!

Let us know of any bugs, exploits or suggestions on discord!


So cool!! I love the leveling system. Don't forget to stream this, and please add events so players will get attracted even more.
This is cool. I really want to play this just to be able to PVP. The one thing I really struggle with that always ends my dreams of becoming a Technoblade clone is combos.

And it is all because I can't hotkey.

like I have a high CPS, an ok enough reaction time, I'm pretty decent at parkour, and all of those are destroyed by my inability to combo